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Are you feeling stuck, at the end of your rope, like there's no way out? Please know that you're not alone, you deserve help and you are so worth it! You must have been going through a lot and dealing with some really difficult emotions or situations to bring you here. You're probably wishing it would all just go away. Please know there are options to get the help you need. Many people need help but some are afraid, unable, or unwilling to do something about it. We can't expect to see changes if we continue to do the same things every day.

I believe that individuals from all diverse backgrounds are created with equal worth and thus all deserve to be given the help they need. My hope is for us to develop a relationship where you can trust me, be honest with me, and feel safe, knowing that I am here to listen, support, and accept you for who you are and will not judge you. I am here to walk alongside you in your journey to growth and wellness. Although this may not be an easy journey, I believe we can grow from our vulnerability. I also believe it's important to include cultural approaches in therapy and be able to embrace one's culture. I aim at helping you discover the strengths and confidence you have within, to be yourself and live by your values, not by society's values. I'm here to help you make decisions, problem solve and use healthy coping skills to get through difficult times and help you reach your goals.

How about taking the first step by starting therapy? Give me a call today at 920-633-3515